About me


Hanne Frenkel, physio.vet.med.

Born in Heidelberg, Germany, I grew up in the company of animals.

At 12 years of age I was lucky enough to be introduced to the world of horses by a veteran of the spanish riding academy of Vienna and never lost my love for these unique creatures ever since.

Living in Malawi, Africa, for 5 years during my childhood made me develop an intense sense for nature and its animals and lead to the ultimate decision to become a veterinarian and thus I graduated from veterinary school in Munich in 2002.

In 2011 I enrolled in a 2 year course to specialise as an animal physiotherapist at the Swiss federation of animal physiotherapists  from which I graduated in 2013.

After working in an equine clinic and subsequently MRI research until 2013 I decided to try my luck as an animal physiotherapist having developed a strong passion for this emerging field of animal science.

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