PhysioHorse offers physiotherapeutic treatment for your horse in and around Lausanne by a qualified animal physiotherapist and veterinarian (Tierphysiotherapeutin mit eidgenössischem Diplom)

Physiotherapy for your animal can apply for many reasons:

– improve gait
– assist the aging animal
– general well-being
– arthrosis
– tendon injury or prevention of such
– prevention of injuries to the locomotor system

– back pain
– reduce muscular tensions
– improve or maintain fitness, suppleness and balance
– prepare for sporting events and prevent sport injuries
– eliminate, avoid or reduce one-sidedness
– neurological troubles
– in addition to other treatments
– assist recovery from afflictions of the locomotor system
– post traumatic injury or after surgery

If deemed necessary, your veterinarian may need to examine your animal before physiotherapy treatment can start in order to rule out a condition to which physiotherapy does not apply.

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